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August 2018

5 Questions to Ask a Personal Trainer

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There are so many benefits to hiring a personal trainer. From motivation to education and accountability to proper technique, you’re sure to make a lasting impact and progress towards your goals. Each personal trainer has their own unique style, as well as their own unique journey that got them there. Since personal training is such a personal experience, we want to help you make sure that you’re finding the right fit for you and your needs. Here are 5 questions worth asking a personal trainer.


1. What’s your fitness speciality?

Each Coach has a fitness speciality, whether it’s sports performance, long distance running, weight loss, or something else. Depending on your goals, finding a Coach that works within your scope and goals can be a really beneficial part of your training and progression.

2. What certifications do you have?

There are so many certifications that are available to personal trainers. With everything from Bone Fit to Fascia Stretch Therapy, Precision Nutrition and more, each personal trainer will have certifications that will help you in your fitness journey. Finding out your Coach’s certifications can help guide you in your decision-making process.


3. How do you assess new clients?

Progress can’t be tracked without a benchmark, which will first require a proper and thorough assessment. At Momentum Fitness, we understand that assessments can sometimes be a barrier for some people. However, it’s so important for our personal trainers to assess the way your body moves as well as your body composition so that the Coach can clearly track your results.

4. How do you track fitness goals?

Each of our clients has different fitness goals – some broad, and some very specific. Whether it’s to fit into an old pair of jeans, run a 5km race, or be strong enough to carry their grandkids, tracking those unique goals is important. Finding out how a personal trainer tracks goals with their clients can be an important part of making sure you’ll stay motivated throughout your fitness journey.


5. What’s your preferred style of encouragement?

Do you prefer high-fives, loud cheers or encouraging mid-week texts? How about being told to push harder, or hearing that you’re an absolutely incredible human being capable of so much? Some clients feel highly motivated by it, while others come to tears from the overwhelming positivity. It’s important for you and your personal trainer to determine what their preferred style of encouragement is, and communicate what you’re most comfortable with. The rest will come easy!

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and make a lasting change? Contact us today to get set up with a personal trainer who’s just right for you!



Everything You Need To Know to Meal Prep

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Meal prepping is a greay way to make sure you’re eating healthy meals throughout the week. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you money, and can help you achieve your fitness goals through nutrition. All it takes is a little bit of planning and preparation, and you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time! Follow this list to find out everything you need to know to meal prep. If you feel like you need help along the way, contact us and we’ll get you set up with a Coach who’s certified in nutrition!


  1. Pick a day

Meal prep is designed to save you time and energy cooking, but also help you plan for really nutritious and healthy meals. First things first though, you need to pick a day where you can set aside a couple hours for prepping, cooking, and plating. Sundays tend to be good for this, and by the time you’re done, you’ll be so glad of the time you saved in lieu of cooking each day of the week.

  1. Focus on simple meals

Fresh ingredients are undoubtedly the best, but to save time, you can opt for prepared herbs and spices to quickly add flavour without all the extra peeling, chopping, and dicing. Chicken is a favorite among many meal preppers because it can be cooked in an endless number of ways. It’s also easy to store and freeze, and with just a bit of chicken and a few vegetables you can easily prepare three totally different meals. Of course, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, you can swap out chicken for other proteins, like chickpeas or tofu.

  1. Consider the nutrition

When choosing the recipes, think about how you want to balance the meals. For example, if you are trying to maintain specific macronutrient goals (proteins, fats, carbs) each day, that should factor into what recipes you choose. Knowing how each macronutrient converts into calories will also help provide more accurate information. If weight loss is your goal, remember the importance of calorie deficits, as explained in our previous blog post.

1g of Protein = 4 Calories
1g of Carbohydrates = 4 Calories
1g of Fat = 9 Calories

  1. Use proper containers

We’ve tested a few different types of containers over the years, and believe us, you definitely want to be sure that you’re using proper containers that you’re excited about! What you should be looking for is:

  • BPA Free
  • Freezer Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwavable
  • Clear
  • Stackable
  • Reusable
  1. Stock your kitchen

Organize your pantry staples so that you can pull together your favourite meals in a pinch. Mason jars are a geat opton to see how much is left of each ingredient in your cupboards. Now, when we talk about the staples, we’re talking about things like quinoa, lentils, rice, pumpkin seeds. These are dry goods that will keep a long time in your pantry, but also provide you with some essential nutrients and can act as a base to any meal.

  1. Cook multiple thing at once

Remember that you can cook lots of different things at the same. Use your oven space to its fullest potential. There’s no need to place one thing in there at a time. Use multiple oven trays if it helps, or use aluminum foil to make dividers and multiply your efforts. Start with recipes that lend themselves to this type of cooking.

Need help figuring out where to start? Contact us to get set up with a Coach who’s certified in Nutrition today!