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June 2018

Is Your Posture Affecting Your Golf Swing?

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If you’re an avid golfer, you may want to consider a training program for the gym that’s designed specifically for improving your game.

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Your golf swing maybe affected by the tightness in your shoulders and upper thoracic spine – the area between your shoulder blades. Throughout our day we do many activities in front of us that causes us to have tight chest muscles, weak back muscles and a rounded shoulder posture. Activities such as work on computers, drive, eat or read all have affects on our chest and back muscles. This posturing does not allow you to maximize your golf swing. By improving your thoracic extension your golf game will improve and you will reduce the risk of injury and strain on your shoulders and low back.

Try theses activities three times per week for 4 weeks to improve your thoracic extension. Click the link for YouTube videos demonstrating some of the exercises.

1. Shoulder setting/ “Shine your Gold Medal”

Draw your shoulder blades down first towards your back pockets then together. Hold for 5 -10 sets and repeat 10 times. This helps you to “set” your blades onto your rib cage and support your core for upper extremity use. Another way to incorporate this activity is to “set your shoulder” or “shine your gold medal” every time you walk through the doorway.

2. Wall Angel

While “shining your gold medal” raise a broom stick above your head and lower behind your head and shoulders. Hold 3-5 seconds then push broom back up. This helps to increase your thoracic mobility and stretch out your chest muscles and anterior shoulder. You can also complete this exercise with your back up against the wall which helps to reduce the chance of over extending the lumbar spine during the activity- see video.

3) Thoracic Spine extension with Foam Roller

This exercises will help to mobilize your thoracic spine. The activity is done while lying on your back. Place the roller perpendicular to the tight area of your thoracic spine keeping your buttocks on the floor to disengage your abdominal muscles and slowly extended your spine over the roller. You can start with hands behind head to support your neck and then progress to lifting arms above your head or as in the video using weight.- see video


Article Written by Laura Doyle, Registered Physiotherapist BHSc (PT), B.Ed., B. KIN

As a registered physiotherapist, Laura works at McMaster Family Practice. She sees patients while promoting healthy living and aging along acute and chronic health conditions. Laura is a Member of the Momentum community who makes time at lunch to workout. She is passionate about moving every day to maximize function and fitness throughout the lifespan.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Running an Obstacle Course Race

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This year, Hamilton is home to not one, but four obstacle course races and Momentum Fitness is getting our community ready with an Obstacle Course Club! Our members are gearing up for MudGirl, Hell in the Harbour, Prison Break Race, and Tough Mudder! We’ll be getting down and dirty as a group for Hell in the Harbour and Tough Mudder as part of our fun training and grand finale celebration!

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So if you’re still on the fence, here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider running an obstacle course race.

Improve your fitness

It’s no surprise that an obstacle course race is a great physical challenge. It involves strength (climbing up and over things), cardio (travelling between a few hundred metres to a few kilometres between obstacles, depending on race length) and mobility (crawling, rolling, trying not to get TOO stuck in the mud). If you’re worried about upper body strength or your cardio, fear not! In 12 weeks, and with coaching support, you can make huge improvements in your overall fitness!

Play in the mud

Seriously, when was the last time you got muddy!? We mean REALLY muddy!?

Get by with a little help from your friends

Especially in Tough Mudder, many obstacles require teamwork to overcome them. It can be tough to bring together a full team among friends to participate. By both training with, and completing the race with Team Momentum, you’ll meet a tonne of new people and never be on your own. You’ll likely find that other teams on race day help each other out, too! 

Challenge yourself and face your fears

These aren’t your everyday tasks. Obstacles include moving in every direction – up, down, over and under. When’s the last time you climbed up a wall, crawled through a tube, or slid down a slide?

Bask in the obstacle glory!

It’s called Tough Mudder for a reason. Tough Mudder and other obstacle course races aren’t meant to be easy, but since there are different distances (ranging from 5K to 17K) almost anyone can train and take part. When you train and have an amazing team, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish! We’ll help you get everything you need to succeed! 

Have we convinced you? If you’re ready for an awesome challenge this summer, consider joining our Obstacle Course Club – Wednesday evenings in Dundas.

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