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March 2017

Body Under Construction, Mind on a Mission.

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March marked another significant milestone for the Momentum Fitness family. Again, we reached a new goal, and this time, that goal was opening our fourth location.

In January, we peeled away the wallpaper at 299 Ottawa Street, layer by layer and uncovered an exposed brick beauty that we never expected to find. We tore down walls and watched as they crumbled around us. We ripped plumbing from beneath us and stripped lighting from above us. We created chaos in a place that was technically functioning just fine but had a lot of opportunity for improvements. This decision was almost necessary in order to bring this space to a higher standard that we could feel proud of. We stripped that building down to its bare bones to see the beauty it had hidden beneath years and layers of love, wear and tear. And let us just tell you, construction was chaos, but damn did it feel good in the end!

When it comes to construction, we learned that there are three key elements to reaching your goal. First, you need a plan. Second, you need help. Third, you can’t give up. In the end, you’ll learn a ton about the construction process, yourself, and even your own community. You’ll have a result that you can feel proud of, especially after all the hard work you put in to achieve your goal.

It’s true what they say – the road to success is always under construction. If you think about it, this construction metaphor can be applied to your own health, wellness, and fitness. Your body is like a building that can always be improved upon in order to reveal a healthier, happier, stronger you.

The Plan

To begin, you need a plan. You need a list of all the necessary equipment to exercise, like shoes, a water bottle, and maybe some weights. You need to come up with a schedule that will keep you working towards your fitness goals. And of course, you’ll need a personalized exercise plan with workouts that will help you achieve your goals.

The Help

Of course, it’s way more fun when you have the right people around you, like a gym buddy to keep you accountable, or your friends and family cheering you on. Most importantly, you’ll need a professional to teach you the correct way to use the equipment and guide you through your exercise plan in order to achieve your goals.

The Motivation

From experience, we know that there are times when you’ll just want to give up. When the work seems so hard and the goal seems so far, but those are the moments when you need to turn to the professionals and say “I need help!”. Sometimes, all it takes is a progress update or a one-on-one session to fire up that motivation again.

In the end, you’ll discover a lot of new things about yourself. You’ll push yourself to new limits, have new experiences, and achieve goals that you may have never thought were possible. You’ll also learn a ton about health, wellness and fitness, and how to maintain a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I promise you’ll agree that the chaos and construction process is always worth the end results, and damn, does it ever feel amazing to stand back, look at your accomplishments and say, I did that. I reached my goal.

If you’re interested in starting your own self-improvement construction process, a Momentum Coach would be happy to help you define your goals for success, set you up with a list of everything you’ll need, and provide you with a personalized workout plan to help you achieve those goals. All it takes is that first step for you to be on your way to success.

3 Simple Ways to Get Fit

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When you think of getting fit, focus less on how society says you should look, and more on leading a life full of self-care and health. In my last post on Redefining Fit,  I discussed the true meaning of ‘fit’ and some of the positive benefits it brings you. It’s vital for a fulfilling and joyful life.

The average person is stagnant all day, either in the office, in the car, or on the couch at home – and that’s no way to live a fit life! Here are 3 simple ways to incorporate activity and movement into your day. It’s really a lot easier than you think!

1. Find activities you enjoy 

Enjoying your activity makes you much more likely to stick with it. You’re less likely to focus on the energy you’re expending because you’re busy having fun. We’re lucky to have some many options to have fun with exercise; you can enjoy the outdoors, Zumba for those who enjoy dancing, group classes if you like community, a friendly FitBit challenge, and so much more.

2. Include family and friends in your routine

For most of us, family time and social life are important. So why not enjoy both? Walks, hikes, bike rides, playing at the park, or even finding a gym buddy are just a few great ways to make your exercise routine more enjoyable. Not to mention, it provides you with support systems and helps to keep you accountable.

3. Start Small

There’s no problem in starting with 30 minutes of activity 3 times per week. Schedule these into your calendar and make them ‘can’t miss’ appointments. Once this becomes habit and part of your routine, you can eventually increase the duration and/or build this into 4-5 times per week. When you start a routine that’s too fast out of the gate, it’s not sustainable and you’ll eventually fall off track. Developing a healthy lifestyle is a long-term process, slow and steady, like running a marathon.

Using these 3 ways to start incorporating activity into your routine is a great starting point for all of us. If you have any questions or need any assistance, there are health and wellness professionals at Momentum Fitness who are happy to provide further support systems to help you reach your goals.

  • Coach Tyler Ouwendyk