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5 Questions to Ask When Joining a Gym

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5 Questions to Ask When Joining a Gym

Joining a gym can be a difficult task.  Not only are you taking on the physical challenge, but there are also emotional, mental and financial elements that go along with it.

Before taking advantage of the latest sales promotion at your local gym, be sure to do your homework.

Call or visit gyms within a 10KM radius of your home or work (you’re more likely to succeed if your gym is close to home) and ask these 5 questions before you join.

1. Do I have to sign a contract?
Most gyms will make you sign a 1 year contract without giving you an option to get out of the contract. This is not an ideal situation as life always presents challenges that might affect your attendance at the gym. If you have to move or if you change jobs, you don’t want to be stuck in a contract.
Writers note: be sure to ask what happens at the end of your contract. Most gyms automatically renew your contract. Make sure you have an opt out agreement after 12 months if you do end up signing a contract.

2. What’s your guest policy?
It’s common practice for gyms to charge a daily entry fee for guests. Make sure you know what the guest charge is at your gym and how frequently you can bring guests.

3. What’s included in the membership cost?
Many gyms advertise a low sign up fee or monthly rate only to add-on more fees for other services and amenities once you join. If towel service, classes or coaching is important to you ask what these services cost on top of your monthly fee. Ask for a fee breakdown.

4. Is someone available to show me how use the equipment or prescribe me a program?
When you sign up for a gym membership, most of the time this just buys you ‘access’ to the gym. If you want someone to show you how the equipment works or all the ins and outs of the facility, that may cost you extra – usually in the form of a personal training session which can get costly. Smaller gyms tend to have better customer service and ratios of members to trainers which means you’ll probably get this included in your membership.

5. Can I try the gym before signing up?
There should be no reason for you not to be able to try the gym before joining. Steer clear of gyms that won’t let you try their gym for even one workout. Ask for a free day pass or a week long trial.

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Member of the Month

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Congratulations to our Member of the Month Nick Bhalesar!

Nick is the owner of India Village, a very popular restaurant right next door to our Dundas location. Nick joined almost one year ago with the goal of taking time out of his busy schedule to contribute to his own health and well being.

Despite a hectic work schedule, Nick commits to at least 30 minutes of exercise 3x each week. With this commitment the results Nick has witnessed have been phenomenal. Nick has lost more than 30 pounds and he says,

I sleep way better than I used to before starting to workout.

Nick has also noticed his efforts transferring over to other areas of his life. He finds he is much more disciplined with what he eats and this starts with a simple protein shake when he ever gets a sugar craving.

Congrats Nick on being named our Member of the Month!