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January 2016

TRX Suspension Training

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TRX stands for Total body Resistance Exercise, and if you want to add a piece of equipment to your repertoire that will train your whole body and improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, balance, and power, this is the perfect tool.

The TRX is extremely portable and can be used anywhere that you can secure it properly. You can take your workout on the road and use a sturdy door, a tree branch, a pole or a beam.

It’s very versatile: you can use the TRX to perform tons of exercises regardless of your level of fitness and training goals. I have personally used the TRX in my own triathlon training program and have used the TRX to train many clients whose abilities and goals span the whole fitness continuum.

TRX is a suspension training tool, which means that you are required to use your core muscles to control your center of gravity the entire time you are performing the exercises. Unlike many traditional pieces of exercise equipment, the TRX allows you to workout in all planes of motion just like you do in real life or while playing sports.

– Coach K

Coach K is going to show us what the TRX can do in a special workshop on January 31st at Momentum Dundas.

Congratulations to Lisa Higgins!

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Congratulations to Lisa Higgins, our Member of the Month for January 2016. Lisa has been a loyal client and member at Momentum for the past 4 years! After losing her husband suddenly in 2009, and following a year of grieving, Lisa decided that she needed to get fit and healthy again. She had been working out with a family member for a year to get back into fitness. Then she was ready to find her own gym. Lisa realized that she wanted to be fit and healthy for herself and for her young daughter.
Said Lisa,

It was part of putting her life back together and being happy again

When we asked Lisa how Momentum has helped her since she joined, Lisa said,

Momentum has been incredibly supportive of my fitness goals since I joined. My trainer Kristina has gently coerced me into participating in activities that I never thought I would! I joined the Run Club and started running. I joined the Climb Club so that I could do the Climb for Cancer. I never thought I was capable of doing anything like that. I have also loved the community feeling at Momentum. Accomplishing your goals along side a great group of people has made such a difference.

It has been a pleasure to watch Lisa pursue her goals which have included completing a 5K and 2 Climb for Cancers. Not only did Lisa complete 2 Climbs but she also was one of the top fundraisers both years.


Lisa has a tremendously generous heart and spirit and her easy going nature puts us all at ease when she comes into the gym. We are so grateful to have Lisa as a member and we look forward to watching her grow while she pursues the next steps in her fitness journey.


We are so proud of you Lisa! Keep up the great work!