Cole Czuchnicki

Growing up, Cole was always a slower runner than his sister but he still fell in love with running. He’s now been involved in the sport for over fifteen years. Today, Cole supports many of our members as they work towards marathons and becoming strong, well-rounded athletes. Although most know Cole as a run coach or a semi-competitive runner his focus every day is to empower Hamiltonians to be more active and find joy in movement, whatever that may be. He has seen the healing power of an active lifestyle and believes sport and play to be a great uniting force in all cultures.

Cole say, “I know that healthy active people make up vibrant, supportive communities and that is what the world needs. So every day I strive to break down the barriers that hold people back from being healthy and happy”.

Being active has given Cole a better relationship with not only his body but his mind as well. Exercise truly is the medicine we need to maintain our mental health. “When I explore new trails or accomplish movements in the gym I gain a sense of control when I need it most” says Cole.

Cole completed his post secondary studies at Mohawk College where he was tops in his Health and Wellness Program.