Alix Stosic

Alix grew up in Dundas and is proud to call Hamilton home.  She was active in sports growing up, playing competitively into high school before attending McMaster University. At McMaster, she earned degrees in Biology and Psychology, and a Master’s in Business Administration, specializing in health care. With the transition to University, she became much less active, and this remained the case into the first years of her career.
Alix joined Momentum in 2015, looking to get in shape before her wedding. What she found went far beyond the toned arms she was after. With help from the Momentum team, environment and community, she re-kindled her love of activity and hasn’t looked back. Alix is now active in training, running, obstacle course racing, rock climbing and floor hockey, and is always up for trying a new activity or challenge (flying trapeze class, anyone?)
Alix has seen massive changes in her own life and in others’ through becoming more active, including increased confidence, improved mental health, increased energy and a changed outlook on life.  Alix has her Personal Training Specialist certification, and would like nothing more than to help others find these positive benefits and more, no matter what stage of life. She believes that fitness can, and should, be fun, and that movement truly is medicine. She is thrilled to be a part of the Momentum team.